“Am I charging enough for our products and services?”

“How is my business performing? Where do I stand?”

“Can I afford to hire more people and pay myself a higher salary?”

“Who will strategize with me, review the numbers and tell me what to do to move forward?”

If you have asked yourself these questions, you are in the right place!

Whether it’s learning to build a financially healthy business, becoming more profitable or preparing your business for a smooth exit – our FinCore finance choreographers have the answers to your questions.

Now’s the time to get financially fit and FinCore is here to guide you every step of the way.

Outsourced CFO & Accounting Services –  We do it for you

You might be thinking, do I need an outsourced CFO?

Whether you’re at $500K or $10M in revenue, you can’t afford not to have one! When you’re at this critical growth stage, you need to make financial decisions based on reliable financial information and have someone in the trenches strategizing with you. This is when you call FinCore! Even though you’ve achieved great success to this point, there is always room to strengthen the financial core of your business and we can help with that.

Path to Financial Freedom – We do it with you!

Have you been operating your business for years, generating 6 or 7 figures in sales but not making enough to pay yourself the salary you want? This is the truth for so many women business owners and it shouldn’t be!

Ladies, you deserve to build a business that pays you what you are worth and FinCore is here to show you how, so you can choreograph the life you want!

Join this judgement free zone and accountability hub. Get advice from peers and our financial choreographers to help you build a roadmap to increased profits and a higher salary so you can contribute meaningfully to your household, build a secure retirement and give back to your community.

The Studio – Do it yourself with our digital tools and resources

Want to get an easy-to-understand explanation of the things you may not know or the things you may need a refresher on? Want to gain control over your finances and get educated on what you don’t know?

Head over to The Studio.

FinCore’s Financial Fitness Studio empowers through education. Open anytime and available wherever you’re located, The Studio provides educational resources from FinCore’s finance choreographers and champion advisors through books and virtual courses that are specifically designed to help get your financial core strong so you can be financially secure.

What People Are Saying

“Not only is Tricia extremely knowledgeable on the financial management necessary to run a business at all stages of development, she is a highly engaging speaker. Her presentation had a huge impact on participants of my business startup class, and I could see the influence of the content and advice she shared with us in their final business plans. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough as a presenter and speaker.”
Lauren F., FastTrac NewVentures
“I engaged with Tricia because I needed major help gaining a picture of my business’ financial position, organizing my financials with accounting, and ensuring the current and future health of your business through cash flow management. Because of Tricia, I finally understand what is going on with my financials — which is very empowering — and can start managing my business smarter.”
Erika F., Prinz Acupuncture
“When Tricia arrived, our already fast-paced company was having a record-breaking year. She was able to understand the business and be effective. She was able to understand the business and be effective very quickly. Tricia took a “hands-on” approach to the work that needed to be done to bring our finance department back to working order. She kept the finance department running smoothly so the rest of the leadership team could focus on their teams.”
Rebecca A., Wizard Studios
“Previous to FinCore coming aboard, the job of managing Wethos’ finances was inefficiently shared across our three co-founders. Bringing FinCore on allowed us to re-focus on our strengths, leaning on her expertise to get us setup for success. She helped organize insights from well before her time working with us, so we’d be able to easily answer financial questions and prepare reports on an on-going basis moving forward. Tricia always comes to the table with good recommendations paired with even clearer reasons why the work will be beneficial.”
Kay A., Wethos
“Tricia and FinCore served as interim CFO for our business at a time when our financial operations were in transition. We had hired a new bookkeeping firm, moved onto a new PEO/payroll system, and hired a new VP of HR. Tricia and her company oversaw all accounting and financial matters and, in 9 months: cleaned up our financial records, put controls and process in place to streamline payroll for 400+ employees, worked collaboratively with our staff and vendors to maintain the integrity of our financial department, and partnered with our CPA to resolve several outstanding external issues. This placed us in a stable position to hire a full time CFO. Tricia was instrumental in on-boarding that person as well.”
David C., Immacuclean