imageArt & Money Matters is back and ready to empower you with financial wisdom for 2017!  I was totally prepared to hit you with a great financial tip or resource.  I was even thinking of inviting you to join me on a financial fitness challenge but then I was listening to Oprah’s interview with Robert Kayasaki and started to reflect on our theme for 2016:“Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life”.

Robert Kayasaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, reminded me that the difference between his “Poor Dad”, a hard working, home-owning Head of Education and his “Rich Dad”, a high school drop out turned wealthy business owner was their mindset and their language.  The “Poor Dad” taught his son to be a good employee and work hard to move up the ladder in pursuit of higher pay.  The “Rich Dad” taught him to own the business.  The “Poor Dad” told him pay his bills first and yourself after.  The “Rich Dad” said pay yourself first!  The point is having an abundant mindset can change your position financially.

One of the first steps to becoming a better version of yourself is to shift your mindset and call yourself what you intend to become.  

If you want to be healthy or fit, call yourself FIT!  So today, I challenge you to take the first step towards becoming a better steward over your business finances.   What is one word you would use to describe yourself regarding money, today?  What would you like that word to be in 2018?

Hello my name is _________.  In 2018, my name will be __________!

What you do with your personal finances is exactly how you will treat your business finances. Start the year on the right path and shift your money mindset towards success.

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