The economy has evolved tremendously from the days of the Great Recession to what we live in today, the “Gig” Economy.  Tradition has been broken.  Many workers in the public and private sectors have traded in traditional employment for non-traditional jobs in non-
traditional industries and in many cases, they’ve becoMuhammad-Ali-'Trust-the-Code'-Andre-Woolery-2011me their own bosses!

In the creative sector, tradition has also been broken! This is the reality many artists face.

  • Self publishing is the new norm for literary artists as highlighted by this Forbes article.
  • If you’re work is not seen on social media, your success as a visual artist will be limited.  Check out Andre Woolery, a fellow Duke alum and “visual storyteller” with advertising and digital technology experience. The image in this post is also from his collection.
  • Notoriety and, in many cases, fortune is no longer reserved for the most technically trained and accomplished performing artist.
  • A whirl on reality TV can elevate a neighborhood caterer into a big-time chef and a lesser known Caribbean stylist into a runway fashion regular.  Thanks Master Chef and Project Runway!

Over the next six weeks, I will look at six artistic disciplines (performing arts, visual arts, media arts, literary arts, applied arts and culinary arts) and how environmental factors have changed the way business is done and money is made by artists in each discipline.

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