For many people, including myself, how we think about and interact with money has changed due in large part to the 2007/2008 economic recession.  The recession has shifted our views on what it means to have job security and therefore shifted our thinking towards managing, saving and growing our money smarter. At least I hope we’ve all learned that lesson!

I no longer believe in depending on a sole source of income and now prescribe to diversifying my income sources like I diversify my investments. And I know I’m not alone.  Almost everyone I know has a “side hustle” or officially works for themselves as a freelancer or registered small business. We are part of what is being termed the “Gig” economy.  The NY times, Newsday, The Guardian and many more publications have written articles speaking about this as our new normal.

New shnazy term? I think not! Because artists have been “gigging” for years, moving from production to production, commission to commission, writing job to writing job and venue to venue, experiencing the highs and lows that come along with it.  Frequently cited downsides include lack of health coverage, tax liability and non paid vacation and sick days. Some of the highs are flexibility in schedule, being one’s own boos, sole ownership over ideas and income, greater work/life balance and the intrinsic motivation that comes from doing what you love. These highs and lows have been exacerbated by technological advances and pop culture. Gigs once reserved for “true”writers are being usurped by the freelance blogger.  Opera houses that once commanded a high ticket price are having to offer lower price points to audience members who rather just see a video of the live performance.  Culinary artists are becoming more widely known through spots on popular shows and Youtube channels.

Over the next six weeks, we’re going to explore how artists and creatives are making it happen in this iteration of the “Gig” economy. We’ll look at six artistic disciplines:  the literary arts, the performing arts, visual arts, media arts, culinary arts and applied arts.  So……

stay tuned

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