It is officially summer and you know what that means?  VACATION TIME!
Hopefully you’ve already estimated the budget for the trip, saved enough money to fund it and, notified your employer(s) and client(s) that you’ll be taking time off.
BUT…if you are not financially prepared to take your ideal vacation, here are some affordable alternatives.

1) The Summer Deal:  There are countless travel sights like Expedia, TravelZoo, Priceline and the like, that offer 3-4 day getaways that would not blow your budget.

2) The Roadtrip: Whether you drive, travel by bus or railway, you can change your scenery in a matter of hours.  Head to the coast for beach time, hike Upstate or just hangout with family and friends you’ve been meaning to see all year.

3) The Vocation Vacation:  If you are a freelancer, business owner or thinking about it, you may have to travel for your business. You can extend your stay and have personal time.  Keep in mind that only the business related expenses incurred on the trip will be considered deductible for tax purposes.

4) Staycation: Take time off and keep it close to home.  Do some sightseeing, pamper yourself, enjoy the things and people that you like!

Whether you’re keeping it local or heading to your ideal destination, keep these money tips in mind.

Have a great week folks.