Art & Money Matters Mondays:

I almost missed my blog deadline digging into all of the features of this Credit Karma site for the past few hours.  Does that make me a nerd? Yes! Who cares when you’re getting your money situation right!  Anyway, this is my new favorite financial website.  Here are the top 10 things I like about Credit Karma.

Credit_Karma1) FREE credit score.  Who doesn’t love FREE?

2) A breakdown of your credit profile by two credit agencies.

3) A rating on the 5 factors used to determine a credit score.  More importantly, the site offers recommendations on how to improve your rating.

4) Articles and mini tutorials that describe complex credit terms.

5) A comparison of credit cards that may be appropriate for you given your credit score.

6) Online tools that allow you to compare features on many different financial products (from credit cards to loans;  from banks to credit unions)

7) An online community where you can ask questions and share advice.

8) Financial tools, calculators and simulators help you make better financial decisions.

9) Opportunity to sign up for credit card monitoring and credit alerts which is very helpful if you report any discrepancies in the credit report.

10) FREEEEEEEEE Credit Score….oh did I say that already??? 🙂

Anyway, sign up today and let me know your experience with it.

– Your Money Coach